Reviews for "[a.] Endless Sky"


Like always, your melodic style of dnb is top notch. Full drum kit, accompanied by beautiful synth leads and pads. Absolutely stunning sir. Melodies are great, and the drum break towards the end is exactly what I'd expect to hear from you. Bitchin work sir, absolutely bitchin. I just wish you'd learn how to make tracks longer. That's really my only complaint :P

Rawrthaas responds:

Thank ya kwarl ;D

i love this song...

very nice work

Rawrthaas responds:

;] thanks!


Simply Amazing. Even the best of DJs and mixers can learn from this. It's like taking old school and bringing it into contemporary trance. I can almost see myself playing an old school arcade game with current graphics. I feel like mixing a song now! xD

Rawrthaas responds:

thank ya sir

Endless pot of awesome

With a slow start of soft piano, it grows into a energetic meld of drums, bass, and a touch of nostalgia. I can't help to step back into my childhood with this song, almost as if I was at an arcade, playing a game of some sort. Music like this captures everything good about drum n bass, and adds some nice trance to stir at all together like a pot of awesome.
Now only if it was a bit longer, and with more of that nice piano at the beginning and the end, it would simply be sublime.

Rawrthaas responds:

Nostalgia is always awesome



I love this, very good build up, but i will hav to go with Tranceverse on hes quote "not rlly D&B more trancish" but other than that awsome!! keep up the good work ;]