Reviews for "[a.] Endless Sky"




Congratz on the music, real nice Trance/Techno
Base fits: Check
Keeps rythm: Check
Melody stays right not becoming dull after a while : Check
Melody keeps right, and stays on track : Check
I have to respect you. Check out the channel " nighttranceday" on youtube, listen to his music. He was, and is, like you. Right now his music is played in the radio in the UK and has a 50 grand contract with Urban.
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Cheers mate >:D

ring ring ring

the fact that it sounded like my cell phone is interfering with the speakers really turned me off to this song


Love The Beats ^.^
Really nice job, I will use this when I go for my pilots exam.

Man lol

This is like what i always wanted to produce, but never really got the drums right :P

Maybe i can do a better job nowadays

still, that doesnt change how sweet this is sounding so far, with the rushing drums and interesting building atmosphere surrounding them.

Your melodic-dnb work reminds me of a guy named Vortex Involute, see if you can find his songs on Youtube ;)

You remind me of him. Keep it up

Rawrthaas responds:

I never heard of him until I saw your review, and damn. Vortex involute is sex.