Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #2"


Hahahahhaa...that was sexy! I liked it. Funny. Not just any funny, one of those HAHAHAHA OMFG THAT IS LIEK SHOOOO HILERIOUS DOOD!

Yeah. Good job making my night one night to remember :D


MAN THAT WAS JUST PLAIN FUCKIN AWESOME I DONT CARE WHAT U OTHERS SAY THAT WAS JUST PLAIN FUNNY...heh aprils not even for 3 months hahahahahahahahahahahahahaXD


I didn't give it a high humor mark 'cuz I didn't think the joke was funny, and I'm not gay. But next time I think you can do better with just showing them sex or maybe not make such, well...sad jokes. But keep up da gud work! xD


A little to short to be a "Short" but still really funny.

god that was funny!

LMAO!!! he was tricked into having sex with a man. he attacked with a baseball with a nail in it and apil is three monthes away.