Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #2"


nice every ting good twist!!@!


oh my god, that was so fucking hilarious i'm still laughing even after watching that! great job you guys.

btw, can't wait for the next TN episode! should be interesting what with Ben and Chris gone, right?

ya'll have always bean my favorite artist

you guys have been my favorite since the 2.2 of old TN keep it up!

(tell ben hes a dickhead)

talk about over rated

don't get me wrong, it's pretty funny. TOO DAMN HIGH OF A SCORE THOUGH, this thing is so fucking short, it does not deserve a 4.16. wow, way overrated. *not your fault t.n though*

Not your best

But still a great flash. It's great that you guys make these to tide us over between full episodes.
Can't wait to see what else Chase will bring to TN.
Keep it up.