Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #2"


Well I will admit this particular one was funny and while it could still use some added subtitles but they are an older submission so I undestand but regardless this was funny and love what you did with the photographs at the end anyways great funny film here

as always maybe some subtitles but overall its fine as is.


I personally didn't find this to be that funny. I do like the overall joke. Wait, April's not for another four months! It was kind of predictable. Well, at least at the end. I felt there should have been more for the joke.

I would have wanted to see more violence. Yeah, we're all like that. The animation was good. It just didn't amount to much. It's fine for a quick joke, which it was.

Ah some things never change huh? And thats a good thing

Oh god, Aprils not even for 3 months

Oh Jeze

look into the camera

thats not a funny april joke xD
but the flash itself is funny as hell