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Reviews for "goth punks"

lets fuking gpoooop

They're so cute! I really love Cyclops' expression!

Yeah, if you think about it is quite sad.

It struck me that the text was so long.
I read it all and I have to say that it is true I remember that I and everyone had a suicidal thing at 9-12, I was quite because of the depression, they made me a massive bully, I always had to be looking over From the shoulder and from the corner of my eye, I used to have a family member watching me at recess through the bars, (to let me know if they were going to attack me without my noticing) something always happened, I don't remember the vast majority of things, (I have a very good memory, I remember useless details like, who knows? You can ask me the names of the characters in my old drawings and I can tell you, but most of my memories of bullying are blocked, which I appreciate). what I remember is when they tried to push me down the stairs or when I saw that one of the leading bullies joined together with two others and told her to punch her in the face. He did it (very hard) a while passed and I saw how he went to the teacher with a completely black eye ...
Oh what traumas, I'm sorry for talking so much about myself, my classmates had some things, among the liar-pyromancer, the lying girls (those with the black eye), Alice, Alice is a demon, always doing harm to others, people or animals, and saying that when she had a weapons license they would stop insulting her for being black.
I only remember a normal girl in the whole class, she was very good ...

iWander responds:

It's sad that these experiences are so common. I'm sorry that all happened