Reviews for "Random Bouncy Things 2"


Usually I'd give an automatic ZER0 to folk with the 'SK8' thing goin on... but when I heard the mad caddies I knew this couldn't be all bad. I don't recall ever seein' something like this. I hope it gets protected.

If you decide to do more, please be choosy about the punk rock you put it in front of. Makes a big difference.

I fived ya for good taste.

Maybe Propaghandi next time? Snap-Her?


I seemed to like this one. The title pretty much fit and the weridness to it was really good. And the music fits the theme really well too. Good job. ^^

Awesome Bouncing, Awesome Music, Awesome Movie

Very nice movie, the bouncing looks realistic, the music complements it very nice.

I liked the sound effect with the lazers, even your credits were bouncy.

Nice terrains, i liked it alot :)

Simple But Genius!

That was really smooth and simple but great and I loved the music two!
Good Job :D

looks like this might get Underdog of the Week!!

Do I see a Worms 2 influence??