Reviews for "Random Bouncy Things 2"


That was fun, I thought that that was fun ver very fun indeed.

It was quite good how you made a simple animation that was just so pleasing to watch and also a great choice of music.


that was nice and simple i liked it. did you just erase a section of the background when you hit it with the line in your flash kit?

need2sk8 responds:

I had the terrain on a seperate layer so I just used the erase tool. I used two frames for the destruction progress so it looks smoother.

Extremly Original

You should make a sequel and do all sorts of crazy shit. It was fun but after a while it got kindof old. Great choice of music, though.


reminded me of Worms

And Mad Caddies kick fuckin ass >:)

great idea

This would make such a great game it wouldn't even be funny. Plus it gives me a nastalgic longing for lemings or worms world party.