Reviews for "Random Bouncy Things 2"


it was decent. the animation was smooth, and it was a buncha random bouncy things, just as promised. that music though, is the reason they make a mute button.

Pretty cool

I like you whole style and i dunno why but i reminded me of worms lol. Neway i love that song you used, who's it by and what's it called? Kepp up the good work ^_^


Usually I'd give an automatic ZER0 to folk with the 'SK8' thing goin on... but when I heard the mad caddies I knew this couldn't be all bad. I don't recall ever seein' something like this. I hope it gets protected.

If you decide to do more, please be choosy about the punk rock you put it in front of. Makes a big difference.

I fived ya for good taste.

Maybe Propaghandi next time? Snap-Her?


Dude, this flash was weird. But it did live up to it's name. But the animation was really smooth and looked good. Hope this gets protected or Wade better live up to his promise.

Simple But Genius!

That was really smooth and simple but great and I loved the music two!
Good Job :D