Reviews for "Random Bouncy Things 2"

well done this reminds me off.....

Worms the game I just made remember it
good job on the graphics an nice choice of music welldone!


that was excellent! i loved it >:D

but on the last terrain, the blob went through a blue thing, when the blobs defeated the middle bit, there was a bit of blue still there, and he went through it! o noes.

anyway. i love this. and it's going on my favourites >:D

love the music iswell! MAKE MORE, LOADS!!

this is useless

make it so we control the bouncy things and you have somthing but this was not very fun to watch.


This was finally a new nice movie for the change, it ran smoothly and the sound was good. It made no sense and that's the thing I liked..

good job!


I seemed to like this one. The title pretty much fit and the weridness to it was really good. And the music fits the theme really well too. Good job. ^^