Reviews for "Random Bouncy Things 2"

very good for a first try

man that was awsome, music fit almost perfectly,


Excellent! It makes me want to go play Worms right now XD

looks like this might get Underdog of the Week!!

Do I see a Worms 2 influence??


Awesome Bouncing, Awesome Music, Awesome Movie

Very nice movie, the bouncing looks realistic, the music complements it very nice.

I liked the sound effect with the lazers, even your credits were bouncy.

Nice terrains, i liked it alot :)

((( NOTBAD )))

It was a nice little cartoon, what caufgt my attention most was the detail of the hills and landside, backrounds i guess they are, really nice use of colr, i was pleased with the flash, interesting and entertaining, nice work...