Reviews for "(8-Bit) Ghostbusters Theme"

awesome, man

nothing really moves me quite like 8-bit tunes, and you sure have made a fine one.

It stays really true to the original. Kudos, on some great work.

tsunami334 responds:

thank you

Good, but...

This is much like the NES version that gave me a headache a month ago when I played it. Except this is better and does not give me a headache. I just took off two points because it reminds me too much of the NES version. Good Job!


tsunami334 responds:

hehe thanks and your welcome for the "memories"

Like it!

Its great but i think that one of the biggest deals about this song is the crazy vibrato on the longer notes such as at 0:40. Not having that reeeally took away from this to me. Otherwise was good!

Awesome....no! 8-bit awesome!

(Hooray for correct spelling!)


This tune reminds me of the old computer versions.