Reviews for "(8-Bit) Ghostbusters Theme"

Simplicity is the greatest way to say it!

As my title says, I LOVE IT!

tsunami334 responds:

thanks for downloading and 5/5 means alot

The good old SMS...

Boy, this brings back the memories, let me tell you. This is the only game I ever came even close to beating on my Sega Master System. Great show!

tsunami334 responds:

Thanks for faving it and the review.

wow... now THAT takes me back...^^

my veryvery first game system was a C64... and GBs was one of my absolute fav games back then. and yes, it was damn hard, but fun^^
your song captures the whole 4/8bit-feel perfectly... sent me right back in front of my old 10' b/w-screen with that fat keyboard... sigh
*covered in nostalgia*

tsunami334 responds:

Really now? I did not know that it was in the age of black and white, thanks for the review


This is well-done and cute! I DO love it when artists add their own mix/twist while keeping the original score somewhere on top. Nice fade-out.

tsunami334 responds:

Well I'm not the only one keep trolling around there are A LOT of other artist with very well done music.

i love this music
and 8 bit