Reviews for "(8-Bit) Ghostbusters Theme"

wow... now THAT takes me back...^^

my veryvery first game system was a C64... and GBs was one of my absolute fav games back then. and yes, it was damn hard, but fun^^
your song captures the whole 4/8bit-feel perfectly... sent me right back in front of my old 10' b/w-screen with that fat keyboard... sigh
*covered in nostalgia*

tsunami334 responds:

Really now? I did not know that it was in the age of black and white, thanks for the review


I was vote number 69, how sexy is that?! All jokes aside, it would've been cooler if you had added the lyrics as well, other than that, kick ass.

tsunami334 responds:

lol, but "all jokes aside" real 8-bit does not have music and I think I will try to make a more 8-bit version and maybe try and take the lyrics from the original like you said. Thanks for the Review

EDIT: It sounded like the NES/GB version I'll be sure to stick with the way this one sounds when I lyrics

AND for the record It will be a long time before I can gather up the patachents to do that, but it will come.

Better Sub.

The original GB game came on the nes. This should have been the song you hear over and over and over and over and over...........

tsunami334 responds:

Hahaha I just learend that it had only 1 song that must have been annoying thank you for the review

awesome, man

nothing really moves me quite like 8-bit tunes, and you sure have made a fine one.

It stays really true to the original. Kudos, on some great work.

tsunami334 responds:

thank you


Dude, your work is by far the best i've heard yet in terms of this style of music. Don't stop doing what you're doing man! Hi-5 err thumbs up, whatever floats your boat :D

tsunami334 responds:

hahaha Hi-5 back to you thanks for the review