Reviews for "(8-Bit) Ghostbusters Theme"

Don't worry

no need to thank me, i just made you #1 again for a little while.

to bad

the remake of the nes game wasnt that successful, it looks fun though il buy it :3


This tune reminds me of the old computer versions.

sweet, but

me thinks that a trumpet or saxophone 8-bit would have been really good for the lyrics line so that u could get a more expression out of it and express the words. Like a 8.5 bit instrument that has some more veriation to the sound thanDAAAAAAAA! like most 8-bits are. Great othough awesome original on newgrounds. FOr the most part, I think some one did a similarone that was techno but urs is better.

This is a lil to much like the nes version.

I'm not going to say you did it but this could pass as a midi ripped song being that its almost exactly like the midi version ripped from the NES version. So for that i'm not going to give you much of a score. good work using a good song though because the actual ghost busteres theme is pretty bad ass.


tsunami334 responds:

All of my songs are a MIDI rips so feel free to say it; only thing I do is make it a .mp3 and upload to Newgrounds.