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Reviews for "TTA Game Tribute I"

Fun, but falling short of great.

I like that you had the initiative to create a tribute-type thing for TTA, but this one isn't the greatest. The battle system was flawed, although interesting. In TTA, TOME uses an MP system (although it's never visible), but you instead used the characters' HP as their MP, which can be very annoying at times. There was some humor, though, I appreciate that.

All in all, it was a nice tribute, but it just didn't quite deliver in my opinion. It's still worth playing every so often, though.

if only words could tell my hate for this game...

i gave this game a 10 in humer because i was laughing at how bad it was....im a fan of tta and im almost positive that alpha doesnt hurt himself attacking

holy crap


amazing, though it needs work.

I have been waiting for a TTA game! the drawinngs need work though. especially Alpha's Curse of Cerebrus attack. the dash may need to be updated to Vulcan Fist and there should be character selection. please add villains and a virusfrag quest and Kirbopher in the giant dragon form (latest episode). good choice in music, too! TTA rocks and so does this game!

...I love it.

It wasn't like jaw-dropping but amazingly alike nonetheless. The drawings you might want to work on. Multiplayer is fun pissing my friend off with Flamegirl. Just Fire Pillar(?) the bajesus out of the area. I'll point out some stull you might want to work on.
Alpha's Discus attack should be edited so that if you hold it down, you can shoot more than one at a time. The dash attack should be updated to the Vulcan Fist. Alpha's Cerberus move (I forgot the name ^_^U), no offense, should be drawn slightly better instead of a blob coming out. Rob's Asterik Shield move absorbs the damage but also gets hurt for some reason. GC's Dark Bomb shouldn't take away health, seeing as its one of his most used attacks. In multiplayer, you should be able to pick your character. Lastly, I get tired of fighting random green blobs. You should add a variety of enemies. I'd love to play as Cailen.