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Reviews for "TTA Game Tribute I"

not a bad idea!!

Not a bad idea but it wasnt that fun. Well a little but there are way to many bugs in it soooooo ya.

this game is kinda bad

for 1 i hate netking mode with gamecrazed cuz when u use dark bomb u lose hp so it makes u die very fast


it isint great but its not crap either. i have found two bugs when you use the 2 gurl passwords rob still has sats atk list and kirb have flamys and when using gurlpowa if you are using rob you can hurt and heal flamy by positioning yourself at certain spaces.

hmm heres a few ideas

well the MAINE problem is the healthebar the next time you update this you should get an mp bar like the other guy said it getas anoiying if your using the same bar the other things are the move ments and the attacks well you should probly get soem new skills new characters in there and for the graphics i think you slopped it down on purpose but i do like this game you get use to it when u play it a while but the char wont keep up with my keyboard and probly you need to get saome new mini games storylines like the original ones and like on netkings battle dont make em act so SILLY you should make an internet edicate spell check and 1's instead of !'s but also i think itd be cool to play flamy i do like alpha more or less or same but the main idea is to master the original and also i think you did a good job remastering them so FAR but dont give up on this you could make a great flash with updates people may give you a hard time but TTA is my favorite flash seriouse sorry KHF but it kinda earnd it and chris is my cousin he really would love this im sure ill get him to view it if you update it k? oh and if ur ver going to do kirbopher or emoticons make sure not to make them SILLY or Chris may get a tad mad.


dude, this is teh sux