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Reviews for "Cole-man"


It was a little boring... But fun! :D I have played the original but that is good too.. You can use those skills of yours and make better games... But i liked it.. Hope you make other games.. Keep up the good work..

it was good.

it got the job done. some people say pacman is getting old, so what. theres still a lot of people who like pacman, so screw the haters. the only thing was you should have had students coming after him instead of ghosts. and to all those punks dissing this because it's not a "kill the principal" game, maybe this guy gets along with his principal, maybe he does good in school. dont hate on him because he might have a chance for a future, when all you people have to do is rate games and movies cause it's the only thing in your people's life that makes you feel important. (pac-man defender for life)


I liked tha muzak too, glad you liked tha tune....preciate ya.....FodeyOz


This game is just plain awsome. Yes it IS pac-man, but who would think a videogame starring your principal isn't cool. So, if any of you people wanna put your favotite face on a video game, go talk to llamma himself!

Yes dude, finally, someone has the balls

This was almost as funny as your,"grand theft lego". I knew someday some one would do something like this, and im glad it was you. i look forward to any updates to this game cause i gonna play it every day!