Reviews for "Clock Shorts"

I dig it.

I was waiting for a new clcok submission, tonight.

But why was the flash arranged that way?

Oh well.

In Wisconsin, apparently, a person cannot own sheep unless he is married....

....sheep cunt in blazin', I guess.

Canuckles-Clock responds:

silly wisconsin. :)

It was arranged that way because I felt like it.

Nice Job

The only thing that i can recommend is increasing the speed of the voices slightly, they sound slightly more natural (As natural as a clock voice can sound anyway...) that way.

-Twig Clock

Canuckles-Clock responds:

I'll remember that for the future, thanks twig.


*Sniff* Did you hear Kanuckles? Apparently we stole this movie...
*sniff* I wish I would'v'e known earlier, I mean, all this time I spent working on it... only to find out it was stolen... *sniff*

ummm wtf?

wtfwt? no affence wat was the point?



I can't say what's already been said. It was freakin hilarious XD