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Reviews for "PLOXINATOR 5"

I would totally hold all my picnics on that hill.
Anyway, I really like all the detail, and I really appreciate the feel of the work itself!

That's one beastly robo-chair! Detail's great, and the seat looks comfy too.

Now that's a murder chair.
Comfy, but deadly!

SORTA detailed?! This is one of the most awesome pictures I've ever seen! I couldn't help but think this was maybe supposed to be some kind of satirical piece. Like maybe the fact that there was a couch in the middle of the monster's body represented how we are too lazy. Or maybe I'm looking too deep into this. It's amazing how so much effort was put into every single crevice of this creature's body!

It's great fun to just see the parts that make up its body. It looks like he has a cartoonish gloved hand holding a gun. Another leg (if that's even what it is) is wearing red highheels. The umbrella on top is a really nice treat too. I also love how there's this teeny bit of land on top of the creature's body. This should have more views!

Very intense

Wow I have to say this was very intense piece you have here the detail is very deep so much detail it's sick so very nice skills here must have took you a long time to create this regardless it's intense now all you need is some background theme or color or element back there even a simple design would work

Some background detail or pattern if some related matter