Reviews for "[Helth & GW] - Gate to Heaven"

you're idea has inspired Helth

this means something
helth is a very good composer
but thats all for the a**, when you don't have good new ideas
good song just like...hmmm..... helth
....you know (don't know what to write ^^)

gamerworld14 responds:

what do you mean by the third sentence ? I don't understand it much... (please PM me)

He said I could upload this for him... even send him a PM to ask.

Whatever, thanks for the 10/10.



Wait a second, havent i already heard this song?!?!?! or at least part of it?
Ditto on you favorite part of thje song, epic, just epic.

Btw, Look out, i have a collab with helth too!

This is EPIC!!!!

gamerworld14 responds:

Thanks! This means a lot :D

Yeah, you have heard the beginning of the song, I think you reviewed it too... it was only like the first 30 seconds though, the rest of the piece was done by Helth. He turned it to gold when he started collabing with me. Can't wait to hear your collab :D

The funny thing about this was that I made logos for both u and helth @ the same time, that is why they are similar in design (lol) :D


Your Fellow Newgrounder,


the song is absolutely great
not so fast, great rhythm, lots of instrument changes, the song is really evolving. The intro was nice, it really gets you on the song from the beginning, the piano (i think it was a piano, right?) was soft and worked perfectly... how the song changes there is nice, and i liked that every few seconds the song changed again, making it so often gets attention and prevent boredom, all the getting quiet and starting again different was amazing.
Starting on 1:51 that part was my favorite, but i also liked from 2:53 and on, was nice, i love the ending, i wish the rhythm from 3:12 were a little longer

anyway, i enjoy it so much, is amazing

gamerworld14 responds:

Thanks for commenting, it means a lot.
I really enjoy listening to people's responses on this.
Thanks for liking the beginning intro part, that is mainly what i did.
You should definitely try to thank Helth on this piece, he was amazing!!!

Yeah, I wish a lot of Newgrounds songs were longer, if you asked Helth, maybe he could upload a newer version with a longer melody of those parts you liked :D

Thanks again!

Your Fellow Newgrounder,


other than the piano sounding heavily synthesized, this is an epic submission! i have no complaints other than that honestly. idk how you couldnt throw a 5 (or more)/5 at this, youve definitely got mine!

gamerworld14 responds:

Wow, thank you so much for this kind review. Really appreciated. Thanks for the 10/10!


5/5 this deserves to be in top 10

its stunning ;D

i dont like the kick that much though