Reviews for "[Helth & GW] - Gate to Heaven"

Nice work guys!

Really good work, the tune was really nice and progressed pretty far. There were a few sounds that needed more effects, such as the piano and some of the percussion throughout the song.
Other than that, great song.
Nice collab, hope this goes as far as it deserves. [top5 ^_^] lol
5/5 10/10

-Cheers Brando

gamerworld14 responds:

Thanks :D

Good collab you guys!

Well variated song, and a well build up structure. However the ending lacked in my oppinion where the sounds go to a kind of maxed out volume. The volume did not changed to that high elsewhere in the song so so why there? I would rather have seen it ending by having the lead fading out in a regular way. It is my only lack in the structure of song though, the leads are crazy, and verry atractive to hear. Indeed a verry synthesized piano, I think more people would like to hear a clear and bright sounding piano. Lovely song by itself like said before it's a really ballanced and well variated song, great job on that. Intro is good and keeps the listner to wonder what would happen next. I think it's Top worthy only not on the 1 to 5th place. I'm sorry to say that but I cannot lie.
Overall lovely melody and quite danceable track, I love the clubby kick.

5/5 9/10


gamerworld14 responds:

wow... thanks for the criticism, will definitely take that in mind when creating new songs :D

thanks for the 5/5 and 9/10!


5/5 this deserves to be in top 10

its stunning ;D

i dont like the kick that much though


other than the piano sounding heavily synthesized, this is an epic submission! i have no complaints other than that honestly. idk how you couldnt throw a 5 (or more)/5 at this, youve definitely got mine!

gamerworld14 responds:

Wow, thank you so much for this kind review. Really appreciated. Thanks for the 10/10!


this song is too awesome for a big review.

gamerworld14 responds: