Reviews for "[Helth & GW] - Gate to Heaven"


Really good work, the both of you!

gamerworld14 responds:

Thank you from the both of us :D

I like this =).

Nice work! I love it when the second kick comes in and replaces the really bassy one cause those 2 kicks create a quite combination! Nice switch there! Also the filtering on the synths are really nice =). I would recommend a different piano i hate FL keys =(. Ah well awesome tunes i love this song!!!


Keep it up!!!
(Loving this!)

gamerworld14 responds:

Wow, thank you so much for the comment. I didn't really do too much of this, so you will have to talk to HelthRMX :D He did an awesome job, all i really did was make the first 30 seconds of the song. Yeah, and I don't really know what other piano to use... do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

Your Fellow Newgrounder,

Fucking great man!

Simply awesome! I'm out of words. BTW it's me who made "Angels From The Heaven"

gamerworld14 responds:

oh yeah, I remember that... :D Thanks for the great review. Much appreciated!

very nice work sirs!

hey gamer come check out some of my new songs i think there is one or two since you visited i am also working on a collab have that link up soon! very nice work guys!

5/5 10/10
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and many more 5s to come
good job!

gamerworld14 responds:

will do, thanks for the 5/5 and 10/10!


wow you guys really made a damn of a song,maybe some day we can team up for a collab but am....am......wow am so speechless that cant even talk

you really gotta tell how you tune the song into an all heck of a song


gamerworld14 responds:

ask Helth, lol... I only really started the first 30 seconds or so and he finished it :D