Reviews for "The New Punks"


so true, punk/inde is now just another mainstream style. thats why i make my own t-shirts ;) only way to be original now a days.

you got to do more of these! :D (goth, chav, trance/dance, jocks, etc)

It got the point across

It did a good job at getting the point across. It's a pity that NG has to out that statement there because of the fronters...

Great! especially that cardboard avril lavigne! :)

agree with the message, animations where smooth


Graphics and music were great. Just this flash didnt really...tickle my fancy? I dunno ..but props on graphics, music and the truth. Nice job.

god lot of ironiciesisiss

Ok someone ripped this off of you, and posted it on newgrounds, as a carbon copy. in your comments it talks about carbon copies. the whole punk thing. Oh and yeah your style is kind of a copy of that show invader zim.(no disrespect though) see so yeah its funny. HAHAHLOLLOL. naw really it was good. But yeah that boy punk wasnt a boy punk, he was more of a trendie bastard. well i mean both of em were trendies, but like todays punks dont dress like that, and i dont think they cry, those are those emo kids, but whatever man, these days how can ya tell the fucking difference? Thats like trying to sort out shit in a sceptic tank. Anyways i liked the message. Its funny cus its true, like its one of those chicken egg things....you know like umm punk is against the mainstream, and conforming, but like today punk is the mainstream, and being a punk is conforming to a group or a clique and so on and so on and somewhere around that conforming shit, my head explodes. cool toon though. very nice