Reviews for "The New Punks"

Oh man I love flash like this.

Now this hit my funny bone. I seriously love these Ad parodies. Its worth the watch kiddies.

HAHAH nice!

Burn Hot Profit!!!!!!!!!! my god I hate that store and it breaks my heart every time I see a hardcore band that i like arrive an the shelves as a 25$ shirt. Like under0ATH or Poison the well. and there is the hot topic section at my school were every one weres 100% hot profit clothing on.....because their "punk" ohhh HAHAH and the anarchy circles....my god.... make it stop....belive me you do not want anarchy....... Some one make this stop!!!

Punk is dead
hardcore is dying

die hot topic. ...die...........

gay ass hottopic

all if this ass gay posers are crated by hottopic !!! WRARRRRR i hate hottopic so much !!!!


from the creators of retro....


it is a sad truth that the rebellion is for the most part over and what was once embraced by a select few is now embraced by the mainstream. what most new age "punks" do not realize is that by buying cloths thast look punk you look like a douche. true punks clothing were what it was because they were too poor to buy new ones and were usually wearing cloths they stole, found or got hand-me-downs. their clothing was tight for most because again, they could not get more. i am not a punk in the sence of the fasion because having most of my influences in the early 90's i retain mostly the grunge look but the ideals of the 80's punk will forever be embedded in my mind. there is no more a reason to rebell for the most part. before it was rebelling for a reason, now it is for the most part rebelling because they can. old punks knew more aboutr politics than any other avereage guy on the street. ask one of these kids who dress punk anything about politics and they wioll look at you like you insain, which you most likely are anyway but thats beside the point. i agree that these days its all about the fasion and the morals in which of of us once stood for taking the beatings from the cops, living the lifestyle, breaking into abandoned building and holding a show in there because no one else would let us play in their place. i remember those days and they are not lost in some places and in some minds, but for this new generation that sence of morals and intergrity that was once held amung punks is now lost