Reviews for "The New Punks"

I thought that was great

It was great and pretty accurate. all these nu-"Punks" running around with good charlotte, my chemical romance and shit claiming how punk they are because they've been to hot topic and bought some $80 baggy pleather Tripp shants (short pants/long shorts) and they're $50 Blink-182 hoodies and $20 a piece chinese plastic spiked wristbands. They make punk seem dead. Punks not dead! We're not dead, just underground, the way it has and should be not on MTV or at a mall near you!

Sadly it is True.

I just love this everything it says is just to true. I get stick for some older punks and goths because they think im part of the "new punk fad" i've been a punk/goth/metal head for almost over three years thats just before the new punk fad. No one takes me seriously because of it but i can still relate to it. So what if i listen to good charlotte thats my choice, but i listen to bands like NIN, C.O.F and Rammstein too! BUt nice work! i can see where the author is coming from.

I love you

Nice Job. I hate it when people are like "OMFG! I'MMMM SO PUNK CAUSE I ROCK OUT TO AVRIL AND GOT TO HOT TOPIC! oh Mi GOOOOOD!!!!"

Punk never died. It just got really watered down.

Oh gods!

I want to have your child! I may be male, but I'll grow it in my left lung if need be!


Thank you!!!Thank you suren for taking the thoughts out of my head and expressing them in the form of a hilarious flash animation. I hate these twat heads who all dress like clones and cleaim that they are different to everyone else. They are no better than 'jocks' or chavs because A) They all wear the same B) they hang around with people who dress the same C) they think little of people who dont dress like them D) They are all losers inside who have no sense of individuality and dress like each other so they feel safe and accepted.
Spread the word brother!!!!!!