Reviews for "The New Punks"


LOL!!! That was funny! Your art is sooo kwl and runs really smoothly! Great point 2! 10/10


Nice one, what ever happend to the days of non-confroming? Anyway, great movie, gets a 10 from me.

That would make a great commerical..

That was funny as hell. Punks....fucking sad ass folks. Retro, don't even get me started. 5/5 man fuck what evey one else says.

Great movie

but it's stolen!

sliceofbacon responds:

buddy, whilst i am quite offended, i can assure you that this is not stolen. I am Suren Perera and i did create this animation. want proof?!
ok, go to http://www.sliceofbacon.com
its my website where animation was first put online. you'll see from the style of everything else i've done that this is my work. perhaps you shouldn't be excusing people of stealing work when you have no proof. its very very rude!


so true, punk/inde is now just another mainstream style. thats why i make my own t-shirts ;) only way to be original now a days.

you got to do more of these! :D (goth, chav, trance/dance, jocks, etc)