Reviews for "The New Punks"

The best part was...

Avril Lavigne falling over (cardboard cutout).

Funny stuff. You get a 4.

Don't let nasty people bother you

The animation was great. Don't let people like m-a-r-c-u-s get under your skin. I'm sure he is just jealous. It was a very well done and funny animation. Good job.

That was awesome


I gotta try that...
Funny stufff..... 5R!

it was great!

apart from that fact that you didnt make it. i've already seen this movie, and ive already reviewed it. i dont know where you got it from, but it sure as hell aint yours.
you should not be getting credit for something you didnt make.

sliceofbacon responds:

Look here marcus, you dumbass twat, let me just drill something straight into your idiodic brain. I AM SUREN PERERA AND I DID MAKE THIS BLOODY ANIMATION! sure you might've seen it somewhere else, does that mean i stole it?! No! don't believe me?
THEN LICK MY BALLS you bloody asshat!

The 90's was the same

Just so you know. The 80's too. Probably the 70's as well. I mean, it wasn't punk then, in the 90's it was grunge that was like that.

It's just the way things have been for a long time. I think the first time I noticed it was when they started selling pre-faded jeans... And then pre-ripped jeans... Last time I was in a store, they had pre-mudstained jeans. What the hell is up with THAT trend?

Anyway, your toon was exceedingly well done. I have no suggestions whatever. Good job.