Reviews for "What Does Your Soul Look Like"

I'm really loving the sense of movement throughout the entire picture, but specifically in her body. The shading is awesome; I like the whole fire/ energy theme you have going on. Anatomy-wise I only have a couple complaints: her left foot seems a bit big and her right hand is a bit less realistic than her left. It kind of looks like the fingers on her right hand are made of noodles.

Overall, though, I really like this piece. The composition and color choice are great, and, apart from the things I pointed out about the anatomy, the figure is really well made.

This is a very artful piece, which I rather enjoy. The trio of colors you chose really complement each other well. My complaints lie mainly in the body proportions. And I've actually looked through your other work (manily Soft as Chalk) to be sure that these aren't consistent style preferences, so I wasn't accidentally giving you B.S. critiques.

1.) The shins are very long. Proportions have it so that if you bend your knees all the way, the heels of your feet would dig right into your buttocks. Her's would swing clear past her butt.

2.) the large hands and feet. This was the thing I was gonna consider a style choice. The butt of the far hand also juts out rather far. If you bend your hand back like that, the wrist kind of just turns upward without there being a noticeable butt.

3.) This one is VERY minor so choose to ignore it if you will. The angle of the pubic area. I think the line should slope more inward, otherwise the suggested placement of the crotch/vagina would be off.

Aigis responds:

I did that Soft As Chalk thing over a year ago, so it's not really the best thing to look at for my consistent style preferences.

But suffice it to say the mistakes can't be chalked down to style in this picture, and I just drew the things wrong.


Seriously, just wow. The colors are so good at this one I wanted to download it to my mobile.
I really like how you 'shaded' her body, it looks so simple to draw but it actually isn't, pretty nice if you ask me.

The best thing about this drawing is the hair, it just looks so f*cking awesome, I really love the hair, it's simple yet awesome. Good job.

Overall, awesome.

I really like her hair. The body is in proportion. The breasts are small, but firm. Excellent work of art.

This was interesting

The colors are all right and while its a simple idea you have added some detail and complexity to this wich was nice, i like the idea of this so nice job here. even the border type was good.

I think you should leave it as is its great as its own creation.