Reviews for "What Does Your Soul Look Like"

This was interesting

The colors are all right and while its a simple idea you have added some detail and complexity to this wich was nice, i like the idea of this so nice job here. even the border type was good.

I think you should leave it as is its great as its own creation.


I really like her hair. The body is in proportion. The breasts are small, but firm. Excellent work of art.


Seriously, just wow. The colors are so good at this one I wanted to download it to my mobile.
I really like how you 'shaded' her body, it looks so simple to draw but it actually isn't, pretty nice if you ask me.

The best thing about this drawing is the hair, it just looks so f*cking awesome, I really love the hair, it's simple yet awesome. Good job.

Overall, awesome.

I totally dig her fiery dreads, I think that's a quality idea.

Having her eyes blank like that kinda makes me think of Fire Elementals, which are more a spawn of fire than an individual, so I kinda like the idea that perhaps she doesn't have an identity.

I like her posture, I think she's of a playful and carefree disposition.

Boobies are neat, though I would have liked less detail nip nips to go with the rest of her seemingly bare features.

Love the tummy scrunch, to me it adds a sense of realism. Instead of this 'no crease even when I'm bending over super hot perfect woman' that exists only in our fantasies... Right guys? Girls? Anyone?

Aigis responds:

The nipples are just, like, two lines and a small blob of colour.

I'm a fan of the colour choices and the stylistic choice you make for the design of the hair.
However, I think that you make the thighs too short in comparison to the calves.
Also, the hands are rather large in relation to everything else, especially the wrists.