Reviews for "Your Worst Nightmare"


to im down for making a music video, if ur interested on checking out my youtube account, MY name is NOOBT00B

TheDylanGod responds:

Link me :D i wanna see


i love the Eerie, yet happy-Preppy feel it has to it! i sure could use this in one of my Projects! KEEP IT UP!


TheDylanGod responds:

go for it! use it in a project, that would be so badass!

I don't like clownz...

it makes me wanna murder sum' clowns rigth now!


Fucking HATE CLOWNS! Scary as hell when there up in your face, and they WONT GO AWAY and they follow you to your car....what? Clowns don't do that....oh.

Weird but Great

Amazing song man, not expecting it. It's a little to happy to be my worst nightmare but great song. I couldn't be this creative. Nice job!