Reviews for "Way Of The Souls -Trailer"

((( NOTBAD )))

Its a good trailer gives lots of good points on lots of neat stuff about the movie, i just hope the movie has alot more to offer, nice work though keep it up...


Very good trailer.

This was a very good preview to what might just be a great movie/ series. The graphics were of a kind that we don't see too often here on Newgrounds. Very.... touching, lol. No..... Good job though. I'm looking forward to your future works. 4/5

SwEecH responds:

thanks !

It's a trailer.

Pretty good trailer.
Make sure the movie has a good plot.
If you have a good plot, you won't have to leave cliffhangers after every episode (considering you do installments). People will want to come back.
Besides, I hate cliffhangers.
Graphics are good. Very good. Not perfect, but very VERY good.
It looks interesting.
Sound was ok. Could be a little better.

I suppose I liked it

I like the start, with the building on fire, though the flames could use some work. I found the woman looked a little strange but that's just me. The choice of music was EXCELLENT though the flash is a little short. Also, the random guy with the energy coming out of his hand, I found totally unnessesary. It IS a little confusing and strange in more than a few ways. Fortunately I'm a little easily impressed and thought it was good.


I was listining to paragonX9's music "Mazidon's Fury" at a weird time and it was like the music was soposed to be there I mean it was perfect!

SwEecH responds:

thanks for the review :D