Reviews for "Way Of The Souls -Trailer"

Something to be seen when it is finished

You graphics were well drawn, except maybe for the girl who was bit to square headed. But I shouldn't talk too much. The music was good. If I'm not mistaken, it is the song n°14 Lothlorien from the first CD of LOTR soundtrack made by Howard Shore. It was well put there.
In short nice work and continue

how boring

well...the clothes on the gurl seems more like her body is teint to red and not clothes...and her head quiet like a square......and it doesnt hsow nay excitement inside so...boring

two good things music and the funny shemale

man that women looked like a man geez i know those boobs where fake

Good music bad graphics but a below avg movie

I realize that this is a preview and that it looks like you try hard but it doesnt look apealing. You use the same energy graphic that everyone does be creative next time

An interesting look at things to come

OK. I'm not going to be harsh or evil here.

I can see you're trying really hard. Honestly, you get a 10 for effort. Some elements really need work - the fire, like other people have said, is the first thing that jumps out at me. Also, you might wanna check up on perspective - the house is viewed isometrically, like in Command and Conquer or something, but what it should really be doing is getting smaller as it goes away from us. There are some good tuts on the web that'll give you an idea of what to do.

You might wanna try cleaning up your figure drawing as well. It shows a hell of a lot of promise, but it looks a little... I dunno, off.

But I can see that you're showing a lot of promise. Keep it up, and you'll improve the more you do.