Reviews for "Way Of The Souls -Trailer"


It's good animation, I can give you that, and I like the use of Enya's music, but its short, even for a trailer, and usually trailers tell you something about the plot. Overall, its good.

SwEecH responds:

ok thanks for the cool review.
The real movie may never come... or maybe it will, but I have so little time I can't work on it at the moment.

dude that was awsome

that was so awsome dude!! i am waiting for the real movie !


of the Alphas. I could see her zits.

not good enough.

why newgrounds even put movies (or trailers) like this?Graphics were like someone took them from ass and style, sheeez!! SwEech, u gotta try harder and better then this, 'cause u really suck!!!

SwEecH responds:

omfg. stfu little level 1 noob. You know nothing about flash, nothing about animation, nothing about Newgrounds.
So please get a brain and stop bothering people with your fucked'up comments.

Needs work

If you worked on the art a bit more make it look a lil more realistic, but ill def watch when it comes out the music was great