Reviews for "Life's Choices"

Oh my god

This is fantastic...
Im speechless, seriously.
Great song, and i could listen to this all day

(I know you PROBABLY wont want to, but please have a look at my music <Lol, its crap compared to this> but im only 13 so...... lol)

C-Enterprise responds:

Dude, when someone asks i ALWAYS check out their works ehe
You're doing good on starting to do stuff when you're so young, in some years you'll be muuuch better but still young ahah
btw i started creating stuff when i was turning 15.. and it sounded like the biggest crap ever lol seriously.

Thanks for the review ;)


I really liked it, it flows really well and the title works for it

C-Enterprise responds:

Thanks man ;)


I'm giving you a 10 to make up for that dumbass down there.
Great beat, I like the ambient flow.

C-Enterprise responds:

There'll always be around people hatin' for shit ehe
Thanks for the 10 and the review bro ;)

One word nujabes

This reminds me of Another Reflection by Nujabes its really similar melodically

C-Enterprise responds:

Well at least it's somehow a better comparison then with hawthorne heights as the dumbfuck down there said but anyway i've to say it really doesn't sound similar, the piano is pretty different.. and so the rest.

nice song

this song is very good, i enjoyed listening to it, keep up the good work :P

C-Enterprise responds:

will do ;)