Reviews for "Life's Choices"

the best song on the site

what more can i say?

C-Enterprise responds:

Nothin' it's already waaay too much lol
Thanks bro ;)


I liked the piano keys there. The drums and strings are great too.

C-Enterprise responds:

thanks a lot ;)

Perfect Song.

Nothing sounds more pure than a combo of the things in this song. This song needs no lyrics. I say this is the best song i have ever seen here on Newgrounds. The ony thing I would do is speed up the piano, so it would be more epic and dramatic, at least, to me. But, a very good and proffesional song indeed.

C-Enterprise responds:

Thanks =)


best beat ever no mater wat....and i woukd like to talk to u about putting some lyrics to it ive already wrtten some and ill send em to u if u want....my email is death2frame@yahoo.com let me know

C-Enterprise responds:

things i've uploaded till now are already used by other persons actually..
i'll probably start to sell beats someday anyway.
Thanks for the review bro ;)

It has a nice beat to it.

It's really fun to just sit back and listen to. A bit repetitive at parts but it doesn't get old, so that deserves a 10/10 5/5 :D

C-Enterprise responds:

Thanks a lot man ;)