Reviews for "Life's Choices"


pretty damn good, relaxing too.
Not really the kind of music I'm used to, but I guess I could learn to adjust if there are more songs like this.

C-Enterprise responds:

It's just a matter of listening music accurately, no matter what genre and stuff ehe
thanks a lot ;)

DuDE ThIs Is AwEsOmE!!!!!!!

Keep on makin this stuff!!! Its awesome! Every thing goes together so well. Its perfect. This is amazing.

C-Enterprise responds:

Thanks bro :D


I put this on my MP3 right, and I was walking to a friend's house..... it was a cold and cloudy day, there wasn't anyone else on the streets and the wind was blowing my hair like a DBZ episode. This started playing and I can only say how surreal it was, walking down a lonely path in the dark with this on.... amazing job, really got close to home for me :)

C-Enterprise responds:

Seems cool ehe :)
Thanks for appreciating lol


Nice! you could use some other drums, though. else it's very nice.

C-Enterprise responds:

thanks ;)

oh, wrong one

Dang I picked the wrong choice.....i'll try again

C-Enterprise responds: