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Reviews for "''Forever's End''"

cool look bomb need a sword in it

You should seriously make a flash game with this artwork it very amazing!!

Fatelogic responds:

Would like to, but I don't have the slightest knowledge regarding flash xD And practice and improvement of my artstyle sadly takes most of my time, so seriously learning about it is out of the question really :s

Thx for the support ^^

Forever only ends when you die, afterlife or not.
Once you die, it's likely that you will no longer perceive time (of course, that's if there's an afterlife)
thus, time only go on as long as you do.
Wow, that's a cool thing I just said.

Anyway, very cool, and very hot, art you have there

Fatelogic responds:

It's the title of the game, don't get so tangled up bout it champ XDDDD

Thx for the appreciation ^^

Decisions decisions. The only treasure i'll be taking home is that girl IN A BOX!

This situation separates the materialistic from the lustful.