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Reviews for "''Forever's End''"

me'gusta a lot

There are many kinds of endings one may find but there is never a ending you want. :P
Her pose is sexy and she makes me want to believe that I found the "good ending" .
She is well put together but her eye seems a bit to large.
All in all great work sir.
<Moo of Approval>

whatever, I think the eye is sexy, like the rest of this picture.
and as far as Forever's end.
I would say yes.
If I found that 'treasure chest' my quest would be over forever.

Ps: love the rest of your work to.

Fatelogic responds:

thx pal

absolutely hate the eye. Other than that, fairly decent minus the right arm and left knee.

Fatelogic responds:

Poor eye, what has he done to you...?

man...i allways admire your coloring style ^^

Fatelogic responds:

xD Thx