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Reviews for "''Forever's End''"

she isn't a hot redhead..... she isn't very hot to me even though there is fire around her.

Fatelogic responds:

Oh, she is. Not to you, maybe, but that's just a personal p.o.v.

Now thats the chest i like seeng open

i dont get it

Fatelogic responds:

It's a half naked, hot redhead... what's there to ''get''?

love it, nice drawing, great title.. but did it realy need the bewbs?

Fatelogic responds:

It did, because of many reasons:

1) It was requested like this by the client.
2) It is intended to be a +18 reward for completing a side quest of the game.
3) I am mainly an erotic artist... this much is nothing compared to other works of mine...

Thanks for the support and I hope to have cleared your doubts!

nice drawing i like it i would like that end