Reviews for "DailyToon11302004"


BTW where did you get the song for the Alastor 2oon. Please tell me. PLease respond to this.

So true

The statements in this flash are true. Good job Coolboyman, Fivestar, and Pr0nstar.


how can you people sit there and vote 5 or even 4 on this crap?! honestly i have seen better shit come out of my ass! you people who vote five are either
a) suck-ups wanting to be in the CC
b) already in the CC being a suck-up
c) or just want the protect point because they figure there is no way it could get blammed with all the a's and b's.

If I submitted this movie; exactly the way it is; it would get blammed. but the only reason it survived it because (SUPRISE) it's SBC. woo hoo. yeah another CRAPPY ASS entry from teh SBCzor we must v0te fifen.
I'm almost jealous you can shit and have people worship your shit.


how many daily toons did you guys make 100? tell me. Great job.
this should all be in a collection.


Like good crap.