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Reviews for "TLoZ: Prequel of Time"

i'm inpressed

I'm impressed, your graphics are very good. Oh one thing though, he wasn't rasied by Sara(that's her name)(i think, but if you looked at the game while mAKING THIS THEN I'M WRONG YOUR RIGHT) (soory about that,darn you caps lock!) she would have grown with link, and she as old as link, acording to nintendo, Link was saved by faries reconizing his importance and brought to the Deku tree, he watched over link as he grew. Well any way, i liked that poster of the famous flash carecters.

that was great!!!

now i want to go off and play the game now!

great movie

This was an excellent movie, and bieng a Zelda fan, I thought that this movie was great. Great Work, and I am looking forward to your next movie


That is so cool! funny and serious!


After I watched FF-directors cut and noticed it was your only one i wanted so badly for you to post something else. And u finally have. This one is even better!