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Reviews for "TLoZ: Prequel of Time"

WOW!!!!!! That was great

That was well put together, I really liked it. Btw the scene where Link got p*ssed off with navy and stuck her in a jar and held her over a flame for being a know it all was pretty funny.


Navi... xD

I wish I could have done that on the game to her. "Look! Listen!" or "Link! Watch out!"

That was pure genius... xD

Putting Navi into a bottle and burning her hehe. I LOVED that!

Hope I can view other flashes like this soon. ^^

well i guess that makes me

number 668 great job!

wrong story great anim

the story was a little of like link never got the triforce of courage until it was split into pieces and link was asleep for 7 years and also sario cant leave the forest
also links mother as wounded and left link to the deku tree all in all great anim
good imagination for this story it seems like something that really happened
10 out of 10 great job and everybody link can talk but you never see it

o gosh

you made me want to play the game. I'll have to get it with wii points.