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Reviews for "TLoZ: Prequel of Time"


You pwn me at flash man! anyways Saria's voice coulda used some voice acting =D but it's friking awesome! nice idea =)

Oh My Gawd...

That Is The Best Link Flash Ive Ever Seen You Guys Are Great And the music Was Awsome too All I Have To Say Is.......Saria's Smile.....Scared the Crap Out of Me......O-OThe....Smile.....*Cramps Up into a Little Ball


I always wanted to know link's story since i was too young to understand the first LoZ games and i went with Playstation instead of N64. Great Job Bro! 12/10

Link's a Hero Because He's a "Mama's Boy!"

Don't fret, fans. Many heroes in history were mama's boys. Gilgamesh, Sumerian Warrior King, often consulted his mother for advice. General Douglas MacArthur and his mother gave each other pet names (in fact, I believe he married only after his mother died). And who can forget the support Mary gave to Jesus? They're practically inseparable.

Link "digs" Saria because they're not related. She's a step mother he wouldn't mind being "wicked," then. Through her care, she and Link become "very close friends" in a way beyond lovers without having to go there. This Flash explains the emotional tension when Link first sets out, and how he draws out his latent heroism: his experiences with Saria the matriarch taught him to value and respect women, Zelda and Malon being obvious examples. Some think The Legend of Zelda is an emotionally driven tale because of this.

And of course: the Flash is flat-out awesome. Sorry to overanalyze your piece, but keep it up.

Alex Great job

It was great how you made your own side story prequel to OoT. Your ocarina playing was great. How much was it, by the way?

I just remembered that in playing OoT, it only said that Kokiri's would die if they left the forest, we never saw if it was true. But whatever. Funny how link ditched his retarded fairy that never shut up.

Link does actually talk. Just not words or grunts, occaisonally there was a "................." where he was talking, or maybe not. Great cameos by LegendaryFrog and you and that other fella.

All in all, make more cartoons like this. Congratulations on your awards, too.