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Reviews for "TLoZ: Prequel of Time"

Not really funny..

There wasn't any thing that even made me smirk in that flash movie.. Good animations though... Work on your material more though..

Sorry just didnt work for me

I just dont think it was that funny. And since that seemed to be ur main focus u can see why i didnt give you that high of a score. Sorry. The animation was not bad i suppose as far as tweening goes. But yeah i already talked about the humor. Nice try though

Good though....

link's voice don't fit, sounds like a wet-bed child, not the legendary hero... but is funny, good job

That was great

I like when you put navy over the fire. That fairy is annoying. Don't listen to what the person before me said. It doesn't matter if it isnt accurate it's meant to be fun.

Very good

Now face my nerdy info dump. Hem hem. Okay...
1. Link go to the Kokiris because his mother was dying and fleed into the woods, hiding from the war.
2.The Kokiris are very shy people who tend to stay in the woods
3. Link diden't get his triforce part until he opened the door to the Sacred Realm.
4.If Link already had a slingshot he would start OoT with it
5. Hardly anyone knows about the Kokiri. Good luck finding some thievs who even know about da Big Tree.
6. All of Zelda people whorship the 3 Godesses. No Big Beard Man in the sky.

End Brain Dump

Other than the points I made, this is amazing. I really liked the fight scene.