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Reviews for "TLoZ: Prequel of Time"

hey lamo wrong!

If you read everything in the game Kokiri are the children of the forest! 2 that song saria played takes you to the temple of time! also the kokiri cou;dn't leave the forest and here saria is walking all over hyrule market town! Plus the kokiri forest is protected by a barrier! and navi was not annoying! That fairy was cool as hell!

...So inaccurate..

Most inaccurate movie ever.

1: That did NOT happen. Link's dad was in the war, then his mom left him at the Great Deku Tree in the forest, until Mom died. Then the Deku Tree raised Link. Not all this shit about Saria raising him. You even mispronounced her name. and Navi's.

2: WTF? Link had ADVENTURES? I though after OoT, Navi seperated with Link, then Link spent months with Zelda. After that, he tried looking for Navi, then Majora's Mask became and Link never returned to Hyrule again.

3: ...Why would Link kill Navi when Navi was his partner... Geez, so he went through looking for Navi all this time for nothing?

4: Nice.. Voices?!

Geez, everyone likes it for all its inaccuracy... And.. Bull..Shit...

In all honesty...

There must be alot of fanboys around. Not the best flash movie, humor, animation, story, well...anything...I've ever seen. Why something like "Qi" is about 50 places below this movie is beyond me. Nice try, though, I commend you on your hard work.

DAmN SHeS HoT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u suc Citizen-Purple because u dont know any thin good if it came 2 u & kicked u in tha ballz bitch

PS get some sense of humor and a name that doent suc

that movie was tight

Great job

This is too under viewed. There were a few kinks you could have fixed, but it was still pretty good.