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Reviews for "TLoZ: Prequel of Time"

I danno...

You REALLY need to say this is YOUR idea of his childhood.
Link was left at the Deku Tree by his mother, Gannondorf didn't kidnap him and saria didn't find him lol
You put Deku Seeds in the sling shot, not Deku Nuts.
And Link didn't even have the Triforce of courage untill he opened the doors of time (the triforce disbanded when Gannondorf tried to claim it).

The over all animation didn't seem to bad, but what the hell happened to those guys who were attacking Saria? lol


so that how he was a child nice vid

Link seems....smarter

In the games, links whole vocabulary involves a guy on a toilet and just recording his vocal sounds. He seems to have learned english very fast. I liked your story on how link came to be, and I like how the little stories showed how he got his since of style. Only one thing though, what happened to those three guys robbing saria? It went from one being hit on the head with a nut, then went to 5 days later. Link and Saria were both unharmed and they were having a good time or whatever. The main part of the flash were nice to his current story, you even explained why he new how to play the ocarina so well and how to use a slingshot like a pro.
9/10 5/5


Good story. I enjoyed it

Awesome :D

And to you ppl below the reason Saria's Not getting older is because She's a Kokiri, people who never age and stay as kids.