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Reviews for "TLoZ: Prequel of Time"


Why did you use starfox adventures music?

Speaking of Errors Zodi,

You made one when tell the creator off when it is creativity, You don`t have to be so serious or technical about it, it`s not something that needs to be said y`know


not bad

a few jokes made me chuckle

Pretty far from canon...

Sorry, but this flash didn't make sense with the facts from OoT. For one, the Kokiri can't leave the forest, or else they would die. Another thing is, link didn't have his Triforce piece shine until he was an adult. Also, he wasn't named after leek, even though it sounds similar. I understand that you were just trying to make a parody, and the flash was kind of funny, but it wasn't really immersive enough to be considered "Good". Also the voice acting was sub-par, by a large margine. If this was an early flash, it would be great, but it doesn't really meet the standards of flash from 2008 to now...

Also, please not that I'm not trying to put you or youir flash down, I'm just commenting on some of the key errors in it.


your making fun of zelda but its funny!!!!!!!!!!!!