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Reviews for "TLoZ: Prequel of Time"

this video is not good.

First off, Links MOTHER brought him to the forest, there was no black sword and skull monster, and he did not have the triforce of Courage on his right hand, its on his left hand. Plus he did not have the triforce when he was a kid. Why would you mess up the coolest game ever!

good but...

how could saria leave the forest when they mention that if kokari leave the forest they die...

Awesome Fan Fiction

I could actually believe this,maybe you should send this to Nintendo! (Fav. part:"She's funny,loving,caring,AND GOD IS SHE HOT!)

shes loving,caring and my god is she hot LOLZ


Fan fiction

Haha, great fan fiction.
Really loved it,
Zodiacprincess, dude its a FAN FICTION do you know what that is?
i can make a fan fiction about link as the king of hyrule... fan fiction is like a light novel where the fan/fans are the authors... he can write anything he wants, there musnt be any connection to the real story