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Reviews for "TLoZ: Prequel of Time"

good one

soo thats where yea get that tunic:D


It was awesomely excellent but there were a few things that were off a little. The biggest mistake you though was the bit where Link had the stick. You had him holding the stick in his right hand. Link is LEFT HANDED!!! AND THE TRIFORCE OF COURAGE IS ON HIS LEFT HAND AS WELL.

this was good but,

there is nothing here to learn about legend of zelda.it made no sense,and the storyline was completely fictional.5 stars for graphics and how it was worth watching,but had a lack of something i wanted.

A funny twist of the Zelda story

Was it just me or did everyone else noticed that Link kind of sounded like a stoner? Any forget that, even though there were a few faults with this flash, it was, had a pretty good story to it, and I thought the bit with the Great Deku tree was just brilliant. The graphics and music weren't to bad, it was a pretty good story, so what's next, a prequel to Majora's Mask? I can't believe he was named after a vegetable, that was funny, who can't say Leek? One of the faults I am going to list though is that Saria being his mum is kind of sick, mainly because Link always loved her and not in the way you love a mum or a sister.

Why would there be a Kokiri Tunic in Hyrule.

Some of this just doesn't make any sense. But it's okayyy....... I guess.